best decision I ever made and the best money I’ve ever spent

Sending George to Sean for remedial training was the best decision I ever made and the best money I’ve ever spent. After 4 years of being thrown off I had completely lost my confidence and so had my horse. We had tried everything from vets to supplements and even hypnotism! Everything that the internet promised was a magic cure but none of it was. I was on the edge of considering early retirement for him (age 9!) when we found Sean.

The moment we met him he spoke total sense and I knew this would be the right thing for George and I. In a matter of weeks George is a changed horse and I am a changed rider. We finally trust each other and enjoy riding again. I sent George to Sean to iron out the flybucking, rearing, broncing, spooking, leaping among many other things but what I hadn’t expected and means even more than all that is that he’s given me my confidence back, and my ability to enjoy riding my horse again. Thank you Sean, I cannot thank you enough.


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